9. October 2017

Channel baling presses for VEOLIA

VEOLIA Umweltservice GmbH, a client of Austropressen for many years, employs channel baling presses at numerous of its sites. As a major waste disposal business, VEOLIA operates its own waste sorting plants in Germany and manages the waste disposal of large retails chains, such as the REWE Group. It has recently acquired two new channel baling presses for its premises in Hamburg that are used to process a wide range of different materials.

The two APK-ES 70 machines, each with a pressure force of 700 kN, operate with 55 kW and fivefold vertical binding systems. This means that in the recycling and waste disposal centre they are capable of dealing with various materials, such as waste paper, cardboard, PET bottles, film, various plastics, packaging materials, Tetra Pak containers, beverage cans and polystyrene.

The efficiency of the APK-ES 70 is apparent in terms of the bales it can produce. In the case of beverage cans and Tetra Pak containers, the resultant bales have a weight of 620 to 660 kg while PET bottle bales are 420 kg – in each case, bales are 1200 mm in length.

APK-ES70_Veolia_Austropressen_channel baling press   APK-ES70_Veolia_Austropressen_channel baling press 2