Skill + Commitment = Strong products and Service

Intelligent innovations and product skills are the basis on which the highest quality, latest technology and durability are reliably realised at Austropressen. Personality and experience guarantee that numerous waste disposal facilities all over the world are satisfied Austropressen customers. And this has been true for 50 years, in more than 40 countries and in just about every area of the waste management industry.

A dense network of service and sales partners secures the company’s own high requirements with regard to customer service and satisfaction and managing director Franz Roither knows exactly how he wishes to successfully develop the business in the future:

“We live up to our good reputation, whether in the compression of paper, cardboard, foils, foams, PET bottles, cans or barrels. The well planned construction and the careful manufacture of our presses, including channel baling presses as well as horizontal or vertical baling presses, can, barrel and waste presses, take place entirely in Austria using materials of the highest quality and selected brand components.”

Global quality, made in Austria.