11. December 2015

Optimal solution for Austrian waste disposal company

Channel baler APK-ES85 for the company Katzlberger

The company Katzlberger GmbH has been operating in the field of municipal and industrial waste since 1977. In the beginning they were responsible for the garbage collection of 20 communities in Upper Austria. Since then, the company has developed into a disposal company for non-hazardous as well as hazardous waste. Today about 80 employees are working in different departments, including demolition and earth moving, transport, rental fleet of equipment and of course waste management and recycling.


3. December 2014

Two channel balers for the new REWE central warehouse

Optimal waste logistics in combination with cost-efficiency and sustainability

Austropressen and REWE International AG as part of the German corporate giant REWE Group share a long history of cooperation. In several central warehouses in Austria channel baling presses of the series APK have been used successfully for a number of years.


5. November 2013

A bale every 4 minutes – the new channel baler APK-ES

Disposal needs a System. A newly commissioned channel baling press by Austropressen is ensuring efficient and cost-saving waste disposal logistics at the waste management centre at Zellinger GmbH.   

Successful companies in the waste management and waste disposal sectors are relying on innovative strength and individual technical solutions. This equips them perfectly for the requirements that this important industrial sector places on them, in both municipal and commercial areas.