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REWE International AGOptimised waste logistics for REWE's central warehouses

plastic bales channel baler APK-E Austropressen

REWE International AG

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Wiener Neudorf, Austria


  • 31 %
    Market share in Austria
  • 2.570
    Stores in Austria

Optimised waste logistics combined with cost efficiency and sustainability. APK-E55 channel baling presses and conveyor technology from Austropressen for REWE's central warehouses in Austria.

REWE International AG, part of the large German REWE Group, has been a satisfied Austropressen customer for decades and uses APK channel balers in several Austrian central warehouses. These central warehouses are responsible for the supply of the group's branches such as BILLA, MERKUR, BIPA, ADEG and PENNY. The empty transport and outer packaging is returned in huge quantities.

Optimised waste logistics combined with cost efficiency and sustainability

Two of Austropressen's automatic channel balers APK-E55 and conveyor belts were successfully commissioned at REWE's central warehouse in Ohlsdorf, Upper Austria. REWE relies on the speed & durability of our products to handle the large volumes of returned packaging material quickly and easily. The high-performance balers ensure trouble-free, continuous processing of cardboard and film.

With a pressing force of 550 kN and a 45 kW drive, each APK-E55 processes cardboard (department store waste paper B19) and packaging film. The materials are tipped separately onto the respective conveyor belts and pressed fully automatically into compact bales. Bale weights of around 550 kg are achieved for cardboard and up to 400 kg for film.

The efficient Drillfix strapping system is extremely wire-saving, despite the vertical 4-fold strapping, and a perfectly dimensioned hydraulic system with pump shut-off operation ensures high energy efficiency of the systems. Optimised waste logistics go hand in hand with cost efficiency and sustainability.

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