3. December 2014

Two channel balers for the new REWE central warehouse

Optimal waste logistics in combination with cost-efficiency and sustainability

Austropressen and REWE International AG as part of the German corporate giant REWE Group share a long history of cooperation. In several central warehouses in Austria channel baling presses of the series APK have been used successfully for a number of years.


At the beginning of 2013 we were commissioned by REWE to plan and deliver a tailor-made solution for the waste management logistics of the new central warehouse in Ohlsdorf / Upper Austria. All surrounding markets of the group, including branches of Billa, Merkur,ADEG and BIPA are being supplied by this warehouse and the empty transport packaging is being returned to the site. To cope with the high amount of returning packaging materials, REWE relies on the quality and reliability of our channel baler APK-55.

Two units of these powerful machines ensure a failure-free and continuous processing of cardboard and plastic film.  

The improved and even more efficient binding system Drillfix 2.0 works extremely wire-saving despite the fourfold vertical strapping. A perfectly dimensioned hydraulic system with automatic pump shutdown mode ensures high energy efficiency. Optimal waste logistics management is therefore perfectly combined with cost-efficiency and sustainability.

The two channel baling presses at the site in Ohlsdorf were successfully put into operation in Oktober 2013. With a pressure force of 550kN and a power of 45kW cardboard and packaging film are countinuously compacted.

The materials are tilted onto the conveyor belt and then pressed fully automatically into compact bales. For cardboard bale weights of 550kg, and for plastic films weights of approx. 400kg are reached.

REWE_Ohlsdorf1  Billa Inzerdorf1  REWE_Ohlsdorf4

After the binding, the bales are pushed automatically through a gate to the outside of the plant, where they can be further transported by a forklift. All requirements are fulfilled and therefore an optimal internal waste logistic management is provided.

 See for yourself how powerful and flexible the Austropressen systems are!

>> Take a look at the Video of the APK-E55 at REWE <<


Technical details and further information of APK-E55 at REWE