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Automatic barrel press
with conveyor belt

Barrels up to 200l are sent into the machine one by one via a conveyor belt. The first barrel automatically initiates a pressing cycle, is getting compacted and the pressure plate moves up again. Once the next barrel is placed on the conveyor belt, the cycle starts over again. Depending on the customer’s requirement the compacted barrel is ejected into a container or forwarded by another conveyor belt.

  • reduction of volume to 10%
  • automatic filling



  • easy and quick operation
  • automatic filling via conveyor
  • short pressing cycle
  • press plate is fitted with spikes
  • any liquid residues are collected within a sump
  • high durability and reliability based on our quality standards
technical data
compression force kN 270
compression time sec 50
max. diameter of cans and barrels mm 700 x 950
capacity pcs/h 60
dimensions lxwxh mm 1000 x 940 x 2470
weight kg 1250
Technical data subject to change.