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Can & Barrel Crusher

Can crusher and barrel presses for safe and simple volume reduction of cans, tins and drums.

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Austropressen DS & FP range

Can crushers for metal containers up to 60 l and barrel presses for up to 200 l steel dums. The models of DS and FP range ensure volume reduction up to 90% of drums, cans, barrels and metal containers.

Automatic Barrel Press

We design and manufacture tailor-made solutions according to your spefific requirements. With the automatic FP-A press, drums up to 200 liters are transported into the machine via conveyor belts and are compacted automatically.

Benefits of our Can & Barrel Crusher

  • Space-saving masters of compaction: high performance on little space
  • Press ram is fitted with spikes, allowing air or gas to escape during the compaction cycle
  • Clean solution: any liquid residues are collected within the integrated sump
  • Easy to operate, automatic return stroke of the cylinder and fast pressing cycle
  • Also available as ex-proof version (meeting ATEX requirements)
  • Guaranteed CE and ISO-compliant production ensures maximum operator safety
  • Low maintenance and service costs thanks to the use of wear-resistant and high-quality materials
  • Reliability and durability - made from high-quality branded components

Long-lasting quality from Austria


Years of designing and manufacturing high quality baling presses in Austria. This valid experience ensures reliability, durability and maximum efficiency of all Austropressen products.

Wir bieten Lösungen für alle Branchen und Materialien.

We get your waste in shape. The innovation, reliability and efficiency of Austropressen products have convinced even experienced users in all industries.

Take advantage of our experience.

Contact us and we will find the ideal solution for your company's use in a free consultation.