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Metal Packaging Sector

High-performance scrap metal balers

Bale of Beverage cans DSA Austropressen scrap balers
Metal scraps from beverage can production Austropressen

Scraps and grids from the production of tubes, cans for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, beverage cans, metal packaging for food or lids and closures: can & scrap balers from Austropressen ensure highly compacted and dimensionally stable metal bales.

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    Austropressen DS-A range

    Durability, low-maintenance, maximum up-time, operator safety and efficiency in terms of low energy consumption and return-of-investment – the top performance metal scrap balers of the Austropressen DS-A range are designed for a vast variety of applications.

    • Austropressen can baler DS

      Automatic Can BalerDS-A 250

      This continuously working fully automatic can baler provides a cost-effective solution for processing tubes and cans made of aluminum.

      • 6 m³/h
      • 320 kN
      • 400x400x200-300 mm


    • Austropressen can baler  DS-A 680

      Automatic Can BalerDS-A 680

      Fully automatic can baler with cutting knives enable smooth continuous operation of aluminum and steel cans.

      • 20- 28 m³/h
      • 680- 800 kN
      • 450x400- 500x300* mm


    • Automatic can and scrap balers Austropressen DS-A 700

      Automatic Can & Scrap BalerDS-A 700

      These can and scrap balers are the ideal solution for scraps from can production or from sorting plants.

      • 50- 70 m³/h
      • 800- 1100 kN
      • 450x350- 500x500 mm


    • Austropressen can and scrap baler DS-A

      Automatic Scrap BalerDS-A 2200

      Compact but powerful scrap baler easily handles even pre-shredded light and little clippings coming from can ends production lines.

      • 35 m³/h
      • 2200 kN
      • 290x230x130-160 mm



    Customised configurations and a wide range of additional equipment from shredders and conveyors to special controls, ensure maximum operator benefit of our scrap metal balers.

    Scrap metal baler DSA 2200 Austropressen
    Can & Scrap Baler DS-A at customer site Austropressen
    Austropressen can and scrap baler DS-A

    Whether trims and scraps from metal packaging production (lids, tubes, cans) or for sorting plants and waste management companies, Austropressen offers integrated solutions from planning to training.

    The main benefits of DS-A

    Continuous improvement, pioneering spirit and the highest quality standards: We place enormous demands on our products to guarantee our customers future-oriented, state-of-the-art, fully automatic metal balers. Thanks to our innovative technology, Austropressen can & scrap balers are smaller, faster and more energy efficient than conventional scrap presses on the market.

    Energy-efficient technology High density & steel mill ready bales

    Austropressen can and scrap baler DS-A

    Remarkable compaction powerMultiple compaction in one pressing cycle

    Austropressen can and scrap baler DS-A

    Programme variety & remoteUser-friendly display panels

    Austropressen can and scrap baler DS-A

    Wir bieten Lösungen für alle Branchen und Materialien.

    We get your waste in shape. The innovation, reliability and efficiency of Austropressen products have convinced even experienced users in all industries.

    Long-lasting quality from Austria


    Years of designing and manufacturing high quality baling presses in Austria. This valid experience ensures reliability, durability and maximum efficiency of all Austropressen products.

    Take advantage of our experience.

    Contact us and we will find the ideal solution for your company's use in a free consultation.