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Efficient garbage and residual waste balers

We offer waste compactors and automatic balers for residual, houshold and commercial waste and refuse-derived fuel (RDF) in various dimensions.

Industrial Baler APK-ES Austropressen

The compaction of commercial and household waste is differentiated according to quantity: Garbage from hotels or restaurants can be effectively reduced with a waste compactor. Our APK-ES automatic channel baler however, offers the optimum solution for waste disposal companies.

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    Waste compactors for hotels & restaurants

    Get waste under control with our versatile solutions. In addition to the unsightly appearance of overfilled bins and the loss of storage space, the cost of disposing of residual waste is high. The investment in a waste compactor therefore quickly pays for itself.

    Advantages of waste compactors

    A large volume of waste can be a problem to deal with. In this way you benefit from the compaction of your waste:

    Gain space and tidiness for an effective utilisation of your business premises.
    Save time and effort by eliminating the need for pre-shredding or container stuffing.
    Reduce costs by decreasing the number of containers and collection intervals.
    Reduce the risk of fire, vermin and tripping hazards for maximum workplace safety.

    Your customised channel baler

    Your customised automatic channel baler & conveying system from Austropressen. We offer integrated solutions from planning to training for various applications.

    Industrial Baler APK-ES Austropressen

    Whether for the compaction of paper, cardboard, various plastics, PET bottles, commercial waste or RDF - our industrial balers are equipped for all kinds of material.

    Automatic balers for recycling & disposal sector

    Our APK channel baling presses have succeeded in impressing even experienced users of recycling and waste disposal industry with the high quality, efficiency and reliability. Press forces of up to 150 tonnes and peak outputs of up to 850 m³/h deliver top results for waste disposal experts.

    Our channel balers for household & commercial waste at our customers

    Strong channel baling press for Nemetz Entsorgung Austria

    Strong channel baling press for Nemetz Entsorgung Austria

    Thousands of tonnes of plastics, PET and AZV, aluminium and tinplate, as well as hollow containers are processed at Nemetz Entsorgung in Austria every year, . This is done fully automatically with our APK-ES120 channel baler with a pressing force of 1,350kN.

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    Channel baling press Austropressen APK-ES105 for waste disposal expert FCC

    Channel baling press Austropressen APK-ES105 for waste disposal expert FCC

    ENTSORGA, a subsidiary of the FCC Group, has been operating a landfill and recycling centre for household and commercial waste in Tainach for the past 30 years. An Austropressen APK-ES105 automatic baler with top-of-the-range equipment is now also in use at the site.

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    Focus Future: Technik für die Zukunft.

    Technology of the future. Our portfolio offers innovative, sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for small businesses as well as international companies in all sectors.

    Long-lasting quality from Austria


    Years of designing and manufacturing high quality baling presses in Austria. This valid experience ensures reliability, durability and maximum efficiency of all Austropressen products.

    Take advantage of our experience.

    Contact us and we will find the ideal solution for your company's use in a free consultation.