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highly versatile – our models for experts

with this newly designed models even experienced users of baling presses like paper industry or recycling plants are convinced by the high quality and reliability of these machines. highly compacted and stackable bales for an optimal truck loading are the best proof for the excellent efficiency of these channel balers. this continuous, reliable machine in combination with an optimal feeding attachment together provide a modern and future-oriented waste handling and is therefore perfectly equipped for every logistic requirement. optimal designed hydraulic blocks, an ideal cutting system and the patented automatic tying unit guarantee maximum pressing speed together with low energy consumption.

fields of application

channel baling presses of the range APK-ES are suitable for fragments from cardboard production, packaging material of consumer goods, paper and plastic bags from food or animal feedstuff production, PET-bottles, plastics film, blown containers, etc. and are successfully used in the packaging production, central storage facilities and waste disposal companies.

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  • the big roller guide of the press plate allows to take high pressure
  • changeable bottom parts are made of wear resistant HARDOX
  • energy efficiency and high throughput due to ideal designed cutting knives
  • special free-press device and the patented fully automatic tying system DRILLFIX guarantees a continuous and failure-free operation
  • hydraulic unit is equipped with a self regulating low noise axial pump including automatic switch off
  • inspection doors on both sides guarantee a quick and safe maintenance
  • key transfer system for maximum operator safety
  • different hoppers for variable areas of application – even with control sensor for overfilling
  • automatic pressure-controlled channel adjustment on three sides guarantee high bale weights 
  • duo-switch with 2 or optionally 6 pressure levels for optimal operating of different material and frequent material changes
  • big range of additional equipment
  • high durability and reliability based on our quality standards




Nemetz AG
Recycling company, Austria
Type: APK-ES120 | 1350kN | 2x45kW | 640 m³/h
Material: Cardboard, plastics, PET, etc.
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PENNY / Central warehouse Eching
Food Retailer
Type: APK-ES90 | 950kN | 45kW | 410 m³/h
Material: Cardboard, Plastics
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waste disposal company, austria
Type: APK-ES105 | 1050kN | 2x45kW | 980m³/h
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Katzlberger GmbH
waste disposal company, austria
Type: APK-ES85 | 850kN | 2x45kW | 510m³/h
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Zellinger gmbh
waste disposal company, austria
material: cardboard, PET-bottles, agricultural film,
drainage tubes, other plastics, etc.
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