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Effectively compact foams and textiles

Our range includes semi & fully automatic baling presses for the efficient and safe compaction of foam, sponge & textile.

Foam is used in many industries. In the automotive industry for seats and vehicle interiors, in medical technology for bandages and prostheses, for mattresses and, of course, as packaging material. Benefit from our experience in the compaction of expansive materials.

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    Don't skimp on safety

    A huge reduction in waste volume can be achieved by compressing and bundling foam into bales. This offers great potential savings in storage, transport and disposal costs. Careful selection of the right machine is essential to ensure that bales of expansive materials retain their shape and do not become a safety hazard.

    Sophisticated technology

    Our foam balers ensure maximum operator safety with features such as hydraulically controlled feed flaps and counter doors, constant monitoring of machine data via PLC and 8 to 9-fold wire cross-binding for dimensionally stable bales.

    Austropressen AP-42F & APK-F

    Customised, powerful and user-friendly. For the compaction of sponge, foam and other highly expandable materials, we offer two types of Austropressen foam balers: the powerful AP-42F with large feed opening and the fully automatic APK-F channel baler.

    • Austropressen foam baling press AP42F

      Foam baling pressAP-42F

      Horizontal baling press, designed for foams and other strongly expansive materials such as textiles and latex, plastic film or car tires.

      • 420 kN
      • max. 600 kg
      • 1000x700x1200 mm

    • Automatic foam baling press APK-F channel baler Austropressen

      Automatic foam balerAPK-F

      This fully automatic channel baling press is specially designed for expanding material like foam.

      • 420- 600 kN
      • 200- 450 kg
      • 700 x 700 - 1100 x 750 mm

    foam balers

    Close collaboration and constant dialogue with our customers results in technically advanced products that are ideally suited to the industry or application.

    Foam Baler Austropressen AP-F
    70 car tires in one bale Austropressen

    Impressive material testing, even with car tyres: with a bale size of 1000x700x1300mm and a bale weight of 660kg, the AP-42F can fit around 70 car tyres on a Euro pallet.

    Automatic foam baling press Austropressen APK-F at our customers

    Foam baling press APK-F for efficient mattress recycling

     Foam baling press APK-F for efficient mattress recycling

    Dutch recycling company Retour Matras relies on the fully automatic APK-F60 from Austropressen to compact the collected mattresses. This powerful baling press, designed for foam and expanding material, meets all of the company's requirements.

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    Further products for foams

    Other balers in our range can also be used to compact foam, textiles and other expansive materials, depending on the quantity and characteristics of the material. We can help you choose the right baler for your application.

    Focus Future: Technik für die Zukunft.

    Technology of the future. Our portfolio offers innovative, sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for small businesses as well as international companies in all sectors.

    Long-lasting quality from Austria


    Years of designing and manufacturing high quality baling presses in Austria. This valid experience ensures reliability, durability and maximum efficiency of all Austropressen products.

    Take advantage of our experience.

    Contact us and we will find the ideal solution for your company's use in a free consultation.