APV 300 / 500

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Generate revenues from your waste 

Strong and highly efficient vertical baling press for high bale weights in minimum space. The palette-sized bales reach a weight of up to 500kg and can be commercialised directly. 

A digital display, an automatic bale ejection and a sliding which opens automatically, guarantee a maximum ease of operation.

  • low space requirement
  • maximum ease of operation
  • dense and marketable bales
  • binding with wire or tape

For compression of cardboard, paper, textiles and various plastics (film). 

APV 300 / 500 download brochure (PDF)
  • high bale weights in minimum space 
  • simple operation thanks to digital display in the respective language and a sliding door which opens automatically
  • minimum maintenance effort
  • bale binding system is easy to handle
  • dense and stackable bales due to multiple binding with wire or plastic strapping tape
  • marketable, palette-sized bales up to 500kg
  • claws inside the press chamber retain expanding material (e.g. plastic film) from returning back up – ensuring higher bale weights
  • the bale is fully ejected onto a pallet
  • transport height of the machine is reduced by retractable cylinder
  • high durability and reliability based on our quality standards
technical data
Model APV 300APV 500
compression force kN 300500
motor kW 5,57,5
compression time sec 3540
box size wxhxl mm 1200x800x15501200x800x1550
loading aperture mm 1090x5701090x570
loading height mm 11001100
Bale size mm 1200x800x10001200x800x1000
bale weight kg 300-400300-500
binding 4v4v
dimensions lxwxh mm 1620x1250x29201620x1250x2950
weight kg 16952180
Technical data subject to change.
download data sheet (PDF)

Schmutz + Sohn
Manufacturer in the plastics processing, Germany
Material: thermoplastics (ABS, PS, PVC), scraps
Download: APV 300_thermoplastics