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Horizontal Balers

Optimize your in-house waste disposal process with a horizontal baler from Austropressen.

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Austropressen horizontale Ballenpresse AP

Horizontal balers

Austropressen horizontal balers have been successful in various applications. Our product range is versatile and can be adapted to different locations and materials.

Austropressen horizontal baler AP
Austropressen horizontal baler AP
Austropressen channel baling press APK

Our horizontal presses can be fed manually or by a variety of methods, such as tilting devices, discharge chutes, conveyor belts or extraction systems to provide the optimum solution for your business.

Austropressen KNL range

Versatile horizontal baling presses, available in 4 models. They can efficiently compact cardboard, paper, styrofoam, plastic film, tin cans, PET bottels, plastic and aluminium containers, paint pails and metal barrels up to 60 litres (200 litres light barrels with KNL 160 HD).

Austropressen AP range

The high level of automation and concentrated force result in impressive throughput performance and bale weights of up to 600 kg. When paired with a tipping attachment, this is the perfect solution for industries and warehouses.

Austropressen AP-SK range

The AP-SK series is a range of semi-automatic channel balers with a high throughput capacity. The continuously operating baling press, when combined with the appropriate material feed, results in cost-effective waste logistics. This makes it the optimum solution for industry and production.

Eco-friendly solution

Baling presses bundle materials into compact bales for environmentally friendly transportation, reducing CO2 emissions and promoting sustainable processing. They save space and preserve material quality, unlike press containers or screw compactors.

Generate revenue from waste

The higher the quality of the materials and bales, the easier they are to recycle and the more revenue they can generate.

Advantages of using balers

In this way you benefit from the compaction of your waste and recyclables:

Gain space and tidiness for an effective utilisation of your business premises.
Save time and effort by eliminating the need for pre-shredding or container stuffing.
Maximise truck capacity utilisation to minimise transport and collection costs.
Improving sustainability to help conserve resources and protect the climate.
Reduce the risk of fire, vermin and tripping hazards for maximum workplace safety.
Achieve maximum revenue from your waste through high bale quality.

Wir bieten Lösungen für alle Branchen und Materialien.

We get your waste in shape. The innovation, reliability and efficiency of Austropressen products have convinced even experienced users in all industries.

Long-lasting quality from Austria


Years of designing and manufacturing high quality baling presses in Austria. This valid experience ensures reliability, durability and maximum efficiency of all Austropressen products.

Take advantage of our experience.

Contact us and we will find the ideal solution for your company's use in a free consultation.